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    Portable Vaporizer Review

    There are many reasons why someone might want or need a portable vaporizer. Some users want aportable device to supplement the larger machine they use at home for when they are on the go. Others have a need for secrecy in their use of a vaporizer – they just don’t want anyone to know. For me, I wanted a portable vaporizer that I could use when not at home. Below is a chart of 2012’s best portable vaporizers on the market. Consider your needs and these features, and shop accordingly. Below the chart there is a brief summary of each along with a link to the detailed review. NEW: PAX…

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    WISPR Vaporizer Review- WISPR Takes Vaporizers to an All-Time High

    Whether your everyday routine requires a vaporizer or you’re only an occasional user, you need to consider the brand new portable Wispr Vaporizer. You’ve heard about it and I am here to tell you that it’s worthy of all the publicity it’s been getting on the Web, and in trade magazines like Gizmodo and Wired. It exploded on the scene a few months ago and is still going strong. The WISPR in it’s simplest form is a high end portable vaporizer that is very easy to use and very efficient. wispr vaporizer What’s So Great About The WISPR Vaporizer? For one thing, recent studies have concluded that the WISPR offers…

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    Pax Vaporizer Review

    Pax by ploomAfter many pre orders and waiting, the Pax Vaporizer has finally hit the marketplace and it is even getting press from major online publications like gizmodo, tech crunch, cool material, and more. These people know the vaporizer business and they know a great thing when they see it. But if you’re like me, you want to know not how professionals feel about a new product, but how the ordinary user likes it. That’s why I want to give my review. I used it the day it arrived. A couple of hours later, I tossed all my other portable devices into a drawer, and I’ll never use them again.…

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    Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Review

    In the Vaporizer world, Magic Flight Launch Box is known as the cheapest legitimate vaporizer available. It’s been around for years and has been a best seller from the get go. While the mflb might look a bit ghetto, it is efficient and was designed with cost in mind. The vapor quality is surprisingly good given how simple the device is. Magic Flight won’t give you anything close to performance or convenience of the higher end units, but if your budget is on the low end this is vaporizer for you. And lets not forget, the most important thing is getting a vaporizer (regardless of model) for the health benefits…

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    Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

    here are more expensive vaporizers out there than the Extreme Q. (The Volcano, anyone?) And there are cheaper ones, too, of course. For those with a set amount of money in mind (and who have no other criteria that are important to them), their vaporizer review begins and ends with the price tag. But for those who want a variety of delivery options for receiving their medicine, there is no better choice than the Extreme Q Vaporizer, brought out in 2008 by Arizer of Canada (makers of the V-Tower). The Extreme Q Vaporizer heats up in three minutes or less, to a temperature of between 100 and 400 degrees depending…

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    Why a Vaporizer and Vaporizer Reviews are Important

    Welcome to VaporizersFTW.com. For those of you who don’t know, FTW is an acronym for “for the win” and I picked this term because there really is no downside to owning a Vaporizer. The point of this website is to spread awareness of all the benefits of owning vaporizers as well as provide you with Vaporizer Reviews of all the newest and greatest (and sometime not so great) vaporizers that are available on the market today. First though, let’s talk about what a Vaporizer is. Vaporizers have been around for over a decade but in the last few years their popularity have EXPLODED mainly due to the current health craze…

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