Portable Vaporizer Review

August 6, 2012

There are many reasons why someone might want or need a portable vaporizer. Some users want aportable device to supplement the larger machine they use at home for when they are on the go. Others have a need for secrecy in their use of a vaporizer – they just don’t want anyone to know. For me, I wanted a portable vaporizer that I could use when not at home.

Below is a chart of 2012’s best portable vaporizers on the market. Consider your needs and these features, and shop accordingly.  Below the chart there is a brief summary of each along with a link to the detailed review.

  • Rating
  • Price Range

NEW: PAX VAPORIZER. The new king of high end portable vaporizers.  This baby just came out and sales are exploding.  Slick, small, advanced, looks like it was designed by Apple.  Very high quality vapor.  Just an all around cool high tech vaporizer. Check out my review for pics and a video.
Average price: $249.

MAGIC FLIGHT LAUNCH BOX. Most popular cheap portable vaporizer on the market. A tiny wooden box and heat screen powered by a rechargeable AA battery, providing a super-fast (five seconds to full warm up) but modest vapor. Without a doubt, the budget item of choice for thousands of users. The only complaints tend to be those registered by those with unrealistic expectations raised after experience with the bigger-ticket machines. Impressive lifetime replacement warranty.
Average price: $119.

IOLITE VAPORIZER. Larger than the Magic Flight; but still portable and able to fit in your pocket.  Made by the same maker of the Wispr, this was one of the first super legit portable vaporizers and is still very popular to this day after a recent update.  Cheaper price now, mostly because the WISPR took over and people want the newer model.
Average price: $169

THE WISPR. This relatively new device manufactured by the makers of the Iolite is a hot seller at the moment. It’s an all-in-one device, the whip folding easily into the unit so that it can be transported. Will fit into the average pocket. Makes use of Butane, which needs to be replenished from time to time but you don’t have to worry about batteries.
Average price: $229.

There are your portable vaporizer options. The cheaper devices offer less robust vapor but are well within most casual users’ price range, and can be kept in stealth if that is a major requirement to you. The more expensive devices offer higher quality vapor that I find to be much stronger and effective at medicating in addition to more features and control. Luckily there are plenty of  options as you can see so you can weigh the pros and cons of each and order the portable vaporizer that’s just right for your needs.

All of these vaporizers are available online from various retailers, but we have found recently that VapeWorld tends to have the best prices and even has a few sales on units that nobody else has.  If you are interested in a particular unit above be sure to click the link to visit my detailed review.

portable vaporizer

Pax Vaporizer Review

August 5, 2012

pax by ploomAfter many pre orders and waiting, the Pax Vaporizer has finally hit the marketplace and it is even getting press from major online publications like gizmodo, tech crunch, cool material, and more. These people know the vaporizer business and they know a great thing when they see it.

But if you’re like me, you want to know not how professionals feel about a new product, but how the ordinary user likes it. That’s why I want to give my review.

Pax Vaporizer at Vape World - Only $249

I used it the day it arrived. A couple of hours later, I tossed all my other portable devices into a drawer, and I’ll never use them again. The Pax Vaporizer is the best device of its kind I’ve ever come across. I’m a believer, and I’d like to explain why.

The Pax Vaporizer is quality all the way.

Quality workmanship, quality look, quality draw.

The vapor draw is made of medical grade stainless steel, which ensures the best results and healthiest too. There are only two removable parts. It’s easy to clean and the parts easy to replace (and most people who have owned the Pax from the beginning, like myself, report no maintenance problems whatsoever).

The Pax Vaporizer is so small (4.1” x 1.4”) that you can slip this bad boy into a pocket or jacket pocket and you can barely feel it’s there. All other major portables are much larger (except for Magic Flight, but that is like comparing a Honda to a Porsche).

So you can hide it. Yet it looks so elegant – with its anodyne aluminum exterior and three designer colors, blue, purple or black – that you can also carry it with pride.

And you won’t believe the strength of the Pax’s vapor. You can get the effect you want with only three or four inhalations, and I don’t mean heavy ones but medium ones. I’ve used many large, standard vaporizers that are three times the price and ten times the size of the Pax, and the draw you get is incredibly comparable.

Pax Vaporizer at Vapeworld - Only $249

The Pax Vaporizer has unique features.

The loading area, called the oven door, is crazy simple to use.

Once loaded, most portables have only one temp setting. The Pax has three. Maybe you don’t care about that, but if you do, it’s a terrific convenience.

The instruction manual is written mostly in pictures, so anyone can follow it and use the vaporizer correctly.

The replaceable lithium ion battery needs less than an hour to be completely charged, and the vaporizer warms up in 30 seconds.

Maybe the best feature of all is the intelligent mode of the replaceable lithium ion battery. Putting the vaporizer down puts it into low use mode, which extends the life of your battery incredibly, and it only snaps back into max mode when you pick it up again. (I myself was able to get three days of off and on use, because of that feature.)

After searching online, VapeWorld has the best price at the time of this review, around $250. They also throw in a free herb grinder and free shipping, which is a great value!

Pax heats up and is ready to enjoy in as little as 30 seconds.

LED indicator light:
Displays heating status, temperature setting and battery status.

product details: Measures 4 1/8″ x 1.4″ x 7/8″. Anodized aluminum exterior providing strength and durability. Medical grade stainless steel air chamber. Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components.

Rechargeable power source.

The Pax is an incredible value.

The Pax Vaporizer is made by Ploom, a company based in San Francisco, the center of the herb use and vaporizer communities. This is Ploom’s first entry into the vaporizer market and users and professional journalists all agree they’re in it to stay, with such a fine product.

Pax is priced right in line with the other high end portable vaporizers on the market. But you can’t argue with quality. And whether your herb use is casual or frequent, the long term quality and great features of the Pax more than outweigh any short term sting of the price point.

(And to be honest, other larger, less reliable portables cost about the same amount almost everywhere.)

VapeWorld has the best price we have found, around $250, and to make it even more tempting they’ll throw in a free herb grinder and free shipping.

The Pax is now my go to portable vape, hands down no questions asked. Very impressive, sleek, powerful unit.

Volcano Vaporizer Review

August 5, 2012

volcano vaporizerNot many people know that the Volcano Vaporizer is hand made in germany. From automobiles to lenses, German craftsmanship are known throughout the world as among the best.  So if you’re going to inhale something into your lungs, you might as well have German engineering behind you.

That’s what you get with the Volcano Vaporizer. “Volcano” is the right name, this thing packs a punch for sure. The delivery method for this vaporizer is via a balloon bag attachment. You are able to easily adjust the size of the balloon so that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.  The Volcano comes with a full roll of the bags so you can replace or make new ones of different sizes as desired.

The Volcano is a product of Storz & Bickel and is without a doubt the crown jewel of all vaporizers, mighty pricey but well worth it. When you use the Volcano, whatever you inhale will reach you along the healthiest and safest possible path.

Which Volcano Vaporizer To Buy?

1)  Your first decision is whether to go with the classic or digital model. The classic offers a dial which will allow you to select heat adjustment on a 1-10 scale, while the digital permits the choice of a particular exact temperature. You pay an extra $130 for the digital model. The models are comparable in all other respects.  The classic is more popular sales wise, probably due to the significantly lower price.  I personally use the classic.

2) Next, you decide the type of valve you want to go with. The “solid valve” is what I use and what I suggest.  It is more sturdy doen’t feel cheap and temporary like the easy valve. It needs to be cleaned every few weeks if used heavily but this takes 2 mins. The “easy valve” doesn’t require cleaning but you have to replace it after a month to two.   Both valves cost the same so I guess it’s personal preference but I prefer the solid.

volcano vaporizer

Other than those decisions, the Volcano is a snap. Once you plug it in and turn it on, the warmup process takes about three minutes. You load the medicine into the bowl, attach it into the balloon, and turn the unit on.  Once the balloon is filled with vapor, throw on the mouth piece and inhale. Simple. And effective.  The Volcano Vaporizer is very popular with people dealing with high levels of pain who need increased levels of medication.  I’ve tried all sorts of vaporizers but the volcano by far has the biggest punch of any vaporizer I’ve ever tried.  If you have a high tolerance, this is the unit for you.

One of the Volcano’s proudest and most popular features is that it requires much less medicine than other comparable devices to achieve the same effects. Testers report having to use as much as 50% less medicine than other methods, specifically water pipes, to achieve the same effect. I own multiple vaporizers and the Volcano is by far the most efficient.

There’s no denying that you’ll be paying a lot more for the Volcano than for any other vaporizer on the market. But when you tote up all the advantages – especially the savings on medicine – I figure it’s worth it.

Should you be worried that your money is misspent? No way. Both the classic and digital models of the Volcano Vaporizer are protected by a three year warranty.

Bottom Line

If you want the best vaporizer available and can stomach the cost, get the Volcano.  It is the most effective, highest quality vaporizer I’ve ever tried and I use mine daily.   There really is no other competition, this is the best of the best.

Below is a list of the current best prices we found and where you can buy volcano vaporizer.  We have listed a Europe seller as well for our international friends.  This is so you guys don’t let slammed on shipping prices.

Best Current USA Prices:

Classic Volcano Vaporizer: $539.00 at VapeWorld (free overnight shipping)
Digital Volcano Vaporizer: $669.00 at VapeWorld (free overnight shipping) 

Best Current Europe Prices:

Classic Volcano Vaporizer: € 397,00 at Vaposhop (includes free shipping)
Digital Volcano Vaporizer: 
€ 497,50 at Vaposhop (includes free shipping)

In the Vaporizer world, Magic Flight Launch Box is known as the cheapest legitimate vaporizer available.   It’s been around for years and has been a best seller from the get go.  While the mflb might look a bit ghetto, it is efficient and was designed with cost in mind.

The vapor quality is surprisingly good given how simple the device is. Magic Flight won’t give you anything close to performance or convenience of the higher end units, but if your budget is on the low end this is vaporizer for you.  And lets not forget, the most important thing is getting a vaporizer (regardless of model) for the health benefits and the herb savings.

Magic Flight Box isn’t just popular with people looking for a cheap vaporizer.  It’s is also great for people who only use vaporizers occasionally. Others keep their permanent machine at home while they have a use for a portable unit and don’t wanna shell out the cash for the high end models.

For all of those reasons, it shouldn’t be shocking that hundreds of thousands of satisfied users including yours truly owns a mflb.  At $119, it is the cheapest vaporizer that is of decent quality.

Why MFLB Rules

Everything about the Magic Flight is small, not just the price. It heats up and is delivering vapor in three seconds, the fastest of any vaporizer out there. Its size is small: 2.5 x 1.25 x 0.9 inches. Most people don’t realize how small it is until they hold it.  Super portable. If you don’t want anyone to see you use your medicine, this is the device of choice.

The efficiency of mflb (and all vaporizers for that matter) is awesome. You can realistically make back your money from buying magic flight within a a month or less if you use it regularly just from the savings in herb cost.  Nobody realizes how wasteful pipes, water pipes, joints, etc are.   Not only are they unhealthy for you, but very wasteful.

Another amazing perk is the almost unheard of lifetime warranty offered by the Magic Flight Box people. Regardless of the reason or how far in the future it happens, if it stops working, they will send you a new one.

It is very easy to use.  It may look weird in the picture but its very easy as you can see if you watch the below video.

magic flight launch box

Why Magic Flight Doesn’t Rule

Its battery life is one of the potential downsides: You can expect to receive about twenty large pulls per rechargeable battery before needing to recharge.  But mflb comes with two rechargeable batteries and a wall recharger.

Another downside is the quality of the vapor as it compares to the higher end units. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll do the job, for sure, and I still use mine occasionally. You’ll get a workable vapor that will provide the effects you desire. But it can not be compared to say the Pax Vaporizer or the Volcano Vaporizer.

The fact that you have to cary 3 parts with you when on the go is a bit of a downside. High end units like Pax for example is all in one.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Magic Flight starts up as soon as you insert the battery. As a result, it’s critical that you be sure to remember to remove the battery when you’re finished using the device.

Product reviews provided on line by reviewers of the Magic Flight are overwhelmingly favorable. That’s because those who purchase the Magic Flight probably do so because they buy it out of limited funds and with limited usage in mind. They know what they’re getting and are satisfied with it.

If, like those many reporting users, your expectations are realistic, and you don’t look for Volcano Vaporizer performance, you can be quite happy with the Magic Flight Launch Box in the right situation.

Best Current USA Price:

Magic Flight Launch Box: $119 at VapeWorld (free shipping)

Best Current Europe Price:

Magic Flight Launch Box: € 99,00 at VapoShop (free shipping)

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